Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Lietuviška Bure bure versija: Dėl autorinės nuosavybės
We are Inga and Kęstas Samušis – the authors of BureBure.
Reproduction and distribution of our original textile works produced using the felting technique as well as our other products, logo and brand without our consent is strictly forbidden.

The only genuine stores selling our products are BureBure at and ing00te at No other distributor in Lithuania or other countries is licensed to sell our products.
We have not sold our franchise or otherwise granted the rights to our name, brand, appearance and distribution of our textile products, or otherwise given permission to use our original works. If you have come across similar products under a different brand name or without a brand name in stores different from those mentioned above, these must be products copied or imitated without our consent and we are not liable for the quality of these products.
The products sold under the brand of KIVIKIS in the store and elsewhere have not been made by us and any resemblance of products to our works has not been endorsed by our company. The names and biographies of the authors presented on website resemble those of ours, but we – the authors of BURE BURE – are different persons.

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